Cultivating our humanity: A systematic review of care farming & traumatic grief

This review essay is co-authored by Dr. Richard Gorman and Dr. Joanne Cacciatore. The abstract says:

“Traumatic grief is a complex biopsychosocial experience, frequently (and contentiously) medicalized in the Western world. Care farming is an increasingly popular place-based intervention utilizing agricultural settings to care for vulnerable groups. We sought to establish the extent of care farming in relation to traumatic grief and query the potential of care farming as an intervention for this specific population. A systematic review highlights that whilst understudied, the success of care farming as an intervention for other populations experiencing psychological distress demonstrates the huge potential for care farming as a means to therapeutically engage with individuals experiencing traumatic grief.”

The review is the first systematic review of care farming and its relation to traumatic grief, and concludes that:

  • Care farming can benefit vulnerable populations experiencing psychological distress.
  • Care farming can be a novel non-medicalized approach for traumatic grief.

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