The Development of Green Care in Western European Countries

This review-article appeared in EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing.

The publishers say that it:

“… represents a review of green care across Western European countries. The following questions are addressed: What is green care, and what are its basic goals? What are the most commonly known types of green care interventions, and how are they connected to each other? There are different sectors of green care intervention that vary from each other regarding their structure, specific goals, and purpose. These traits will be investigated in this review. And lastly, how these interventions are designed and their approach to promote and provide health will be examined.”

The review’s Table of Contents includes:

  • What is Green Care
    • Care Farming
    • Healing Environments and Healing Gardens
    • Green Exercise as an Intervention
    • Ecotherapy
    • Wilderness Therapy and Adventure Therapy
    • Horticultural Therapy, Therapeutic Horticulture, and STH
    • Animal-Assisted Activities, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Animal-Assisted Interventions, and Other Animal-Based Healthcare Interventions
  • Conclusions and Future Recommendations

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