A new therapy for each patient: evidence‐based relationships and responsiveness

“A new therapy for each patient: evidence‐based relationships and responsiveness” is the title of an article by John Norcross and Bruce Wampold that has recently (October 2018) been published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

The article’s abstract says:

“In this study, we introduce the journal issue devoted to evidence-based responsiveness and frame it within the work of the third interdivisional APA [American Psychological Association] Task Force on Evidence-Based Relationships and Responsiveness.

We summarize the meta‐analytic results and clinical practices on the adaptations of psychotherapy to multiple transdiagnostic characteristics of the patient, including attachment style, culture (race/ethnicity), gender identity, coping style, therapy preferences, reactance level, religion and spirituality, sexual orientation, and stages of change.

We then discuss the clinical and research process of determining what works, and what does not work, for whom. The limitations of the Task Force’s work are outlined and frequently asked questions are addressed. The article closes with the Task Force’s formal conclusions and 28 recommendations and with some reflections on fitting psychotherapy to the individual client …”

Read more here.

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