Third Wave CBT Integration for Individuals and Teams: Comprehend, Cope and Connect

The publishers say:

“This book [published December 2017] introduces a therapy that starts from the perspective of the immediate experience of the individual -‘what it feels like to be me, now’. Developed by the authors, this new, transdiagnostic approach to mental health difficulties brings together the impact of past trauma and adversity on present coping (comprehend), and utilizes the latest in mindfulness and compassion-focused approaches to manage change (cope and connect).

Already adopted in a variety of settings, including acute mental health and IAPT services, the book demonstrates the approach’s practicality and acceptability, providing an outcome-focused approach that supports those who normally do less well in IAPT services.”

The Table of Contents includes:

  • Chapter 1. Integrating the Third Wave.
  • Chapter 2. History of a Solution
  • Chapter 3. Mental health re-conceptualized
  • Chapter 4. Identifying and Breaking the cycles
  • Chapter 5. From Intra-psychic to Inter-psychic. Relationships with self and others …

… see the remainder of the Table of Contents (and/or to order a book-copy) go here.

A preview of the book says:

“The content of the book is one side very familiar; arousal management and mindfulness, for instance, are the staples of therapy practice. On the other, it turns everything upside down, or, more accurately, inside out, ditching many of the familiar props such as diagnosis and wordy conceptualizations on which a professional persona can seem to rely, leaving only the encounter with another, struggling, human being. This is a journey of letting go …”

Isabel Clarke is a Consultant clinical psychologist, with 25 years experience in the NHS, both in outpatient and inpatient. Hazel Nicholls is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, and Founder and Clinical Director of Hampshire IAPT, italk.



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