New Vision for Mental Health: An Ecological Paradigm

We have created a slide-show called New Vision for Mental Health: An Ecological Paradigm.

This formed part of our keynote presentation (December 2018) at a conference in London of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare.

You can view the slides (without the accompanying notes) from this presentation here.

As you will see from the slides, this concept of an ecological paradigm incorporates five broad themes within three layers: Practice, Community and Society. (These five themes and three layers are described in detail in a pdf file than can be viewed here.)

Each layer contains a set of factors that contribute to or detract from mental health (i.e. causality). Additionally, each person has psychological, social and developmental dimensions (development over time) that further contribute to or detract from their mental health.

Importantly, the ecological paradigm shifts the focus towards understanding and working with complex causality. The Vision page provides (in the form of a pdf file) a detailed description of this paradigm.

We are very open to feedback concerning both the proposed ecological paradigm and the project’s further development / evolution. Please use the contact form below:



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