Ask an Autistic #1 – What is Stimming?

Amythest Schaber, who is autistic, talks about stimming (and neurodiversity) in the 11 minute video that you can watch below. She writes:

“What is stimming? Why do Autistic people do it? What are some common stims among the Autistic population? What the heck is “proprioception”? Answers to all of these questions (and a surprise appearance from my cat!) in the first episode of Ask an Autistic!

Three main reasons an Autistic person will stim:
1) Self-regulation
2) Sensory seeking
3) Expression

The seven senses discussed:
1) Taste
2) Smell
3) Touch
4) Sight
5) Hearing
6) Proprioceptive
7) Vestibular …”

You can read more from here.


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