‘I lost a decade of my life to prescription drugs’

“The main sufferers of prescription-medication withdrawal are white women over the age of 45. We know how to put people on these drugs, we just don’t know how to get them off.”

Dr. David Healy, professor of psychiatry, Bangor University.

“Struggling to come off antidepressants and tranquillisers, and battling withdrawal effects, writer Miranda Levy, 51, thought she was very much alone – until she stumbled on a report officially acknowledging a pill-addiction crisis, and started to find other women with similar stories Prescription-pill addiction is one of the biggest health issues of the day.”

Writing in The Telegraph, she says:

“Eight weeks after I stopped being able to sleep, I had an appointment with an NHS psychiatrist. It was autumn 2010, and the sleeping tablets and antidepressants prescribed by my GP hadn’t worked. I was so exhausted I could barely speak. The consultant was compassionate, but just to make sure, I begged him to prescribe me something that would ‘buy’ me some rest. I was practically hugging him around the knees …”

You can read more from here.

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