A Straight Talking Introduction To Psychiatric Drugs (2nd Edition): The Truth About How They Work And How To Come Off Them

This book has been written by psychiatrist Dr. Joanna Moncrieff. The publishers say:

“In an era when more people are taking psychiatric drugs than ever before, Joanna Moncrieff’s explosive book challenges the claims for their mythical powers. Drawing on extensive research, she demonstrates that psychiatric drugs do not ‘treat’ or ‘cure’ mental illness by acting on hypothesised chemical imbalances or other abnormalities in the brain. There is no evidence for any of these ideas. Moreover, any relief the drugs may offer from the distress and disturbance of a mental disorder can come at great cost to people’s physical health and their ability to function in day-to-day life. And, once on these drugs, coming off them can be very difficult indeed. This book is a wake-up call to the potential damage we are doing to ourselves by relying on chemical cures for human distress. Its clear, concise explanations will enable people to make a fully informed decision about the benefits and harms of these drugs and whether and how to come off them if they so choose.”

From the author: 

“The new edition has been completely re-written. It incorporates new knowledge about how psychiatric drugs modify normal brain structure and functioning, often leading to harmful consequences that can be long-lasting. It presents the latest evidence on the pros + cons of using psychiatric drugs in different situations, + current thinking about the adverse effects of drug withdrawal. It provides guidance on how to minimise withdrawal effects in order to come off psychiatric drugs successfully.”

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