You can send us your own posts/items for publishing on this website. We’d warmly welcome your contribution(s) as long as these fit somewhere within the broad theme of a new vision for mental health or one of the five sub-themes we’ve identified as focal points for discussion. 

In the box below you can either:

Option 1

Paste or type in the text of your submission (if it contains text), including web-links if any. You’ll need to:

(a) include a clearly identified title for the piece;

(b) insert line breaks between paragraphs (if there are any paragraphs); and …

(c) ideally include a clickable link to a suitable associated image that we can upload (because we’d prefer each post to be accompanied by a graphic of some kind). This must be either a copyright image that you own, or one that’s licensed under the Creative Commons etc.

Your submission doesn’t have to be text-based. It could be (or include) a video or audio clip, a photo or other type of image.

Option 2

Just describe in summary – including any relevant web-links – what you’d like to submit, in which case we’ll get back to you.

With either option we don’t promise to publish your submitted item, but we do promise that it will be looked at with a view to being published.

Please note that, separate to using the box above, you can type in a comment on any particular post/item that’s already been published. You should use the “Leave a Reply” box for this – see below each post/item.


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