Exceptional Experiences – 20th Annual Conference of the Consciousness & Experiential Psychology Section of BPS

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Date(s) - 07/09/2018 - 08/09/2018
All Day

Regents University


This 20th Annual Conference of the Consciousness & Experiential Psychology Section (of the British Psychological Society) will explore exceptional experiences such as mystical, spiritual, psychic, NDE and other ‘anomalous’ experiences whether occurring spontaneously or induced through meditation or psychedelics for example. It will also address experiences engendered through the use of psychedelics. Exceptional experiences can involve a sense of interconnectedness, a wider sense of self, a sense of peace, joy, bliss, awe and may be perceptually intense. In some cases they appear to offer exceptional knowledge and in many instances such exceptional experiences have a positive transformative effect on the experient.

The conference will look at the nature of exceptional experiences, pertinent psychological factors, recent research on what is happening in the brain in altered states and the benefits of exceptional experience seen for example in recent work on the potential therapeutic benefit of various psychedelics. All welcome.

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