People Not Pathology: Humanising Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Date(s) - 02/05/2020 - 03/05/2020
12:00 am

BVSC, The Centre for Voluntary Action


This event is organised by Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility and the Free Psychotherapy Network, who say:

“Psychotherapy and counselling in the UK is alive and well. The demand for therapy and the supply of therapists have both been growing steadily for decades. But how well are we doing as a vocation of the heart and soul?

For the last two decades at least, the humanity of our profession has been under attack from the state, the ideologies of the market and our own professional bodies. So, for example:

  • the dominance of the medical model of mental health, psychiatric diagnosis and treatment plans.
  • the short-term utilitarianism of ‘evidence-based’ CBT and CBT-like state therapy – eg IAPT.
  • the emphasis on individual responsibility over social responsibility.
  • our professional bodies have become state regulators of therapy and gatekeepers of training and employability – eg SCoPEd.
  • the growing homogenisation of therapeutic practice and the human spirit.
  • Dept of Work and Pension’s use of therapy as psycho-compulsion of benefit claimants.
  • the ubiquity of unpaid work by counsellors, psychotherapists, art therapists & group therapists.
  • the growth of an underpaid, overworked, deskilled gig economy for psy workers in the public and voluntary sector.
  • open-ended client-led relational therapy increasingly the domain of the well off …”

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