What might a very different approach to mental healthcare look like, knowing what we know today?

A New Vision for Mental Health aims to both explore and suggest various answers to this question. It also aims to challenge each of the mental health professions to engage constructively with the wider sector. Additionally, it seeks to provide associated resources for education and training.

The new paradigm that we propose is set out in a pdf file that you can view or download from here.

Why is this website (and wider project) needed?

There’s a growing awareness of the many flaws in the mental healthcare system, together with the limitations of the traditional medical model on which it’s largely based. Yet whilst many of the remedies and solutions already exist, knowledge, understanding and insight about them is scattered and fragmented across different individuals and organisations.

This website aims to draw together the various partial answers, ideas and suggestions… and weave them into a coherent framework that will radically improve mental healthcare. In the process it will look to:

  • Challenge and shake up some of the current ideas and perspectives.
  • Facilitate discussion and engagement across this wide and complex field.
  • Cultivate a new approach to the differences of perspective within the mental healthcare field – one that values diversity but also seeks to develop a common framework.


This website is curated by The Counselling Channel in association with the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) – the UK’s largest specialist awarding body in the field of counselling education and training.



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