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Psychiatry overwhelmed by referrals for ‘normal emotions’

Helen McArdle reports for The Herald newspaper: “Acute mental  health  services are becoming overwhelmed by referrals for people with ‘normal negative human emotions’”‘ who may actually be harmed by treatment, a leading psychiatrist has said. In an interview with the Herald Dr…
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Transforming Mental Health Care with Cultural Narratives and Metaphors

“In an influential paper, Laurence Kirmayer explores how cultural narratives and metaphors shape our experience of mental health and recovery.“ This article by Justin Karter has been published in Mad in America. It begins: “In a groundbreaking academic article,  Laurence J. Kirmayer , a…
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UN community does not endorse biomedical psychiatry

This blog-post from Duncan Double has been published by Relational Psychiatry. It begins: “I’ve mentioned before reports produced by professor Dainius Pūras, when he was Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of…
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How This Jungian Life Made Carl Jung Cool Again

This article by Louis Cheslaw has been published in Vulture. It begins: “For Matthew Quick, the author of Silver Linings Playbook, 2020 was the third year of a crippling writer’s block. Long runs near his home, in the woods of North Carolina’s…
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‘If I were you I wouldn’t start from here’: Working for real change in societal responses to distress

This article (written for a magazine for systemic family therapists) by David Harper has been published in Context Magazine. It “considers the following questions. Why do we have the kinds of mental health systems that we have? What positive changes have…
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Are women really more mentally ill than men? As a psychologist, I’m not so sure

“Women are disproportionately diagnosed with mental problems. But what if the crisis is one not of chemical imbalances, but power imbalances?” This article by Sanah Ahsan has been published in The Guardian. It begins: “In the UK, being a woman means…
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