Don’t Confront, Don’t Collude? Exploring our beliefs about ‘delusions’

In this 15 minute video, Rai (Rachel) Waddingham “explores the mantra, woven deep into psychiatric practice – the belief that we should neither confront nor collude with beliefs that are seen as ‘delusional’.”

In the video, she shares some of her thoughts about the challenges of this mantra, and questions the idea of ‘collusion’ as being applicable to the mental health field.

Rai’s self-description says:

“I hear voices, see visions and have a whole host of unusual experiences that have, at times, overwhelmed me. Once labelled as ‘severely & enduringly mentally ill’, I am now an independent trainer specialising in innovative ways of supporting people who struggle with extreme states (including ‘psychosis’, ‘dissociation’ and post traumatic reactions).”

You can watch the video here.



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