Emotion Researcher: History and Beyond

The Emotion Researcher is the sourcebook (of the International Society for Research on Emotion) for research on emotion and affect.

Writing in the Editors’ Column of the Emotion Researcher, Carolyn Price & Eric A. Walle say that:

“Emotions (you may not be surprised to hear!) have a past. For one thing, our emotional capacities have an evolutionary history; and, of course, the emotional traits and habits of individuals are shaped by their particular developmental and personal stories. But emotions have a social and cultural history too. At different points in the past, emotions have been described and understood in quite different ways; and the social norms that have governed emotional experiences and expression have changed quite markedly. Conversely, understanding the past is partly a matter of understanding how earlier societies understood and regulated people’s emotions.

For this issue, four scholars representing three Humanities disciplines – History, Classics and Philosophy – have been invited to consider how we might investigate the history of emotion from the perspective of these disciplines, and what we might gain by doing so. As some of our contributors note, the study of emotions – once a neglected topic among historians and philosophers – is now a flourishing and increasingly mature area of inquiry. At the same time, Humanities research and teaching is coming increasingly under pressure – at least in some parts of the world. For both these reasons, it is timely to focus on the contributions from the Humanities on emotion research.

We begin with Professor Ute Frevert, Director of the Centre for the History of Emotions at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, who provides an overview of studies in the history of emotion …”

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