Drug trials ‘skewed by the pharmaceutical industry,’ GPs say

“Last year a Telegraph investigation found that some doctors involved in assessing which drugs should be prescribed on the NHS were receiving up to £100,000 per year from pharmaceutical companies.”

A report by Laura Donnelly in The Telegraph (June 2017) notes that:

“Four in five GPs believe drug trials are skewed by the pharmaceutical industry, amid widespread mistrust in medical research, polling shows.

A report by the Academy of Medical Sciences is calling for an overhaul of patient information following a string of controversies over the risks and benefits of common drugs.

The study found that just one third of the public have confidence in evidence from medical research – compared with two thirds who trust the experiences of their family and friends.

The pharmaceutical industry was particularly mistrusted.

Polling of more than 1,000 GPs found 82 per cent thought clinical trials funded by the sector were often biased to produce a positive outcome. That view was shared by 67 per cent of the public, in a poll of more than 2,000 adults …”

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