Key Opinion Leaders

From Peter J. Gordon’s Hole Ousia website:

“To ensure public transparency of financial payments to healthcare workers and academics both France and America have introduced a Sunshine Act. In the UK we do not have such statutory basis to transparency. Royal colleges rely on Guidance such as … CR148, by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.”

“I wrote ‘Transparency at the Top: British Psychiatry’ in April 2015 but did not share it publicly as I wanted to give the Royal College of Psychiatrists time to improve the governance of financial conflicts of interest.

Over the last 2 years improvements have been made by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. However the system in place is unsearchable, costly, and bureaucratic.

It also does not help determine how much of the £42 million that the pharmaceutical industry pays each year for ‘promotional activities’ goes to the ‘top’ educators (key opinion leaders) in UK psychiatry …”

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