Forests for wellbeing

“I lost my brother in my early twenties which left me suffering with depression. The forest always gave me space to try and sort out the thoughts storming through my head, along with the connection to my brother and the fantastic memories I have from our childhood.’ ~ Julian”

Forestry England say:

“Forests are places you can seek adventure, make memories and find escape. For 100 years we’ve been looking after the nation’s forests, so that they can take care of you.

From urban woodlands and historical places, to special habitats and vast wilderness, our forests are as unique and varied as the people who visit them. Whether it’s an adrenaline-fuelled mountain bike descent or simply sitting quietly on the forest floor, heading for the trees is the perfect way to take time out.

And science backs this up too. Research shows that spending time in forests can improve our health and wellbeing.
So what are you waiting for?”

You can find out more – including an exploration of relevant research – from here.

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