Nature and Therapy: Understanding counselling and psychotherapy in outdoor spaces

“… offers a clear outline of how to set up and hold a therapeutic session outdoors.”

This book has been written by Martin Jordan. The publishers say:

“Recent decades have seen an increasing interest in the healing and therapeutic potential of nature and interest in the potential of greencare interventions for the benefit of mental health. The field of nature based therapies is expanding in line with this interest. Nature and Therapy offers a unique contribution by outlining the specific processes involved in conducting counselling and psychotherapy sessions in outdoor natural environments.

Central areas covered in the book include:

  • A thorough exploration of the evidence for the psychological and healing potential of natural spaces;
  • Developing a therapeutic rationale for nature based therapeutic work;
  • Understanding the therapeutic relationship and the unique therapeutic processes that come into play in outdoor natural spaces;
  • Translating indoor therapeutic work to outdoor contexts;
  • The practicalities of setting up and running a therapy session outside of a room environment;
  • Experiential exercises to explore the therapeutic potential of nature.

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