New Vision for Mental Health: An Ecological Paradigm

The vision that inspires this website (and associated wider project) has evolved and extended.

We propose an ecological paradigm, as set out in a pdf file that you can view and/or save from here.

It has the following Table of Contents:

  • The New Vision project and website
    • Introduction
    • Why now?
    • A key question
  • An Ecological Paradigm
    • Three layers and five themes
      • Layer 1: Practice
      • Layer 2: Community
      • Layer 3: Society
      • Theme 1: Emotion-Focused Care
        • The rational-technical approach
      • Theme 2: Collaborative Practice
        • Contextualisation
      • Layer 3: A Coherent System
        • A new type of mental health professional
        • Street triage, policing and beyond
      • Layer 4: A Wellbeing Society
        • Wellbeing factors
        • Gross Domestic Product as surrogate for ‘wellbeing’
        • Children and young people
        • Spiritual emergence or psychosis?
      • Layer 5: A Balanced Budget
  • End note
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