OPEN DIALOGUES: Increasing resources in severe crises

Here are a couple of extracts from a presentation by Prof. Jaakko Seikkula, developer in Finland of the ‘Open Dialogue’ approach to treating psychosis:

Challenges for treatment of psychotic problems – early notions:

  • Clients become not heard – neither the patient nor the family members
  • Over-emphasis on inpatient treatment – patients disposed to others’ psychotic behavior (J. Cullberg)
  • Over-emphasis on medication – may increase the risk for brain function and mortality
  • Over-emphasis on pathologizing the problems – resources are not seen

Origins of open dialogue:

  • Initiated in Finnish Western Lapland since early 1980’s
  • Need-Adapted approach – Yrjö Alanen
  • Integrating systemic family therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • Treatment/therapy meeting 1984
  • Systematic analysis of the approach since 1988 – ‘social action research’
  • Systematic family therapy training for the entire staff – since 1989 …”

You can see the entire presentation – in pdf format – from here.

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