Self-transcendence and the relationship between mystical experience, transliminality, and dissociation: a quantitative investigation

“The notion of mystical experience as being marked by pathology, specifically, dissociation, is laid to rest in this study”

This research paper, published in the Journal of Transpersonal Research, has been co-authored by Dr. Kim McCann and Dr. M. Davis.

The introduction says:

“The final level of Maslow’s needs hierarchy, self-transcendence, is not well studied from an empirical standpoint. The lack of research on the topic is likely because measures for anomalous, subjective experiences are difficult to quantify through the lens of rationalistic, material-based Western science. Additionally, Maslowian self-transcendence is not well represented in psychology textbooks and has only recently (Koltko-Rivera, 1998, 2006; Gruel, 2015) begun to be seriously explored in the scholarly literature …”

You can find out more from here.

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