Maps of Meaning: Story and Metastory

This video (see below) covers the first part (2 hours 22 minutes) of a very interesting and wide-ranging lecture from psychologist Prof. Jordan Peterson.

Prof. Peterson says that people almost never come to him with mental illnesses – instead they come to him with complexity. In his view, almost all mental illness occurs when a person’s life becomes so complex (e.g. perhaps as a result of multiple adverse events) that they can’t stay on top of it in any way that doesn’t make it look like it’s just going to get even more complicated.

This over-bearing complexity then causes symptoms, in relation to which he uses the analogy of a balloon that has been pumped up beyond its tolerance, which then blows out at its weakest point (which will vary from person to person depending on their susceptibilities – maybe they’ll start drinking, maybe they’ll get physically ill, maybe they’ll become very anxious, or become depressed etc).

You can watch the video here:

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