A proposal to introduce formal recording of psychosocial adversities associated with mental health using ICD-10 codes

This article by Kate Allsop and Peter Kinderman has been published in The Lancet. It begins:

“It is well known that poverty and social inequity are major determinants of our mental health,1 and the United Nations Special Rapporteur2 characterises mental health care not as a crisis of individual conditions, but as a crisis of social obstacles, which hinders individual rights. It is important, therefore, that the circumstances that have given rise to distress should be formally recorded alongside the distress itself. Psychosocial codes, which are already part of both ICD-10 and DSM-5, incorporate descriptive information regarding adverse life experiences and living environments, but are almost never used or reported in clinical practice or academic publications. These quasi-diagnostic codes document neglect, abandonment, and other maltreatment (Y06 and Y07), homelessness, poverty, discrimination, and negative life events in childhood, including trauma (Z55-Z65), in ICD-10. DSM-5 includes V codes, mirroring ICD-10, including problems related to family upbringing, and housing and economic problems …”

You can read more from here.

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