Overuse of Psychiatric Drugs is Worsening Public Mental Health, Doctor Argues

This article by Richard Sears has been published by Mad in America. It begins:

“In a new article published in the Journal of Addictive Disorders and Mental Health, Jose Luis Turabian, a professor of medicine at Complutense University in Spain, explores the biological changes that accompany the use of psychotropic drugs. According to Turabian, the concentration on biomedical approaches and interventions in mental health have led to psychotropic drugs being used too soon, too often, and too long.

He points out that these drugs alter our neurobiology, causing sometimes permanent and irreversible changes. He argues that these changes can turn what may have been transient symptoms into chronic, and in some cases, lifelong, mental illness. By using psychotropics to treat symptoms and alleviate acute short-term suffering, practitioners may be paradoxically increasing the duration of suffering.

‘The biologistic tendency of medicine, and also of psychiatry, brings with it an increasingly early, more intense, longer-term use in mild clinical conditions and in mental health situations reactive to contexts of daily life (personal problems, couple, family, work, socioeconomic, etc.) of psychotropic drugs,’ Turabian writes.

‘However, practical experience in general medicine indicates that psychotropic drugs cause permanent biological changes that can structure and chronify mental illnesses that would have evolved towards improvement without psychotropic drugs.’ …”

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