The video game prescribed by doctors to treat ADHD

Kitti Palmai reports for the BBC:

While many parents worry that their children spend too much time playing computer games, Kelcey Sihanourath is pleased to see her son Owain pick up his tablet.

Now aged 13, he was diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in pre-school.

Since then, the family, who live in the US city of Savannah, Georgia, have taken Owain to see occupational therapists to help him better cope with everyday life tasks.

They also tried the medication route, but had to stop after the prescribed drugs exacerbated the boy’s regular migraines, and made him sick.

With ADHD continuing to affect Owain’s school performance over the years, Kelcey says she was ‘hoping for something more, for any other option’.

‘I could see him struggling to understand why he was not able to focus, and the frustration he had when he tried so hard and would still get distracted,’ she says. ‘It broke my heart, but I felt trapped and completely useless.’

Help came in the end from what initially seems very incongruous – a computer game called EndeavorRx …”

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