Rethinking healthy eating in light of the gut microbiome

The importance of a good diet to mental health and wellbeing is well-established. This paper – published in Cell Host & Microbiome – looks at role played by the gut microbiome and reviews the evidence as to what makes for a healthy diet. The abstract says:

“Given the worldwide epidemic of diet-related chronic diseases, evidence-based dietary recommendations are fundamentally important for health promotion. Despite the importance of the human gut microbiota for the physiological effects of diet and chronic disease etiology, national dietary guidelines around the world are just beginning to capitalize on scientific breakthroughs in the microbiome field. In this review, we discuss contemporary nutritional recommendations from a microbiome science perspective, focusing on mechanistic evidence that established host-microbe interactions as mediators of the physiological effects of diet. We apply this knowledge to inform discussions of nutrition controversies, advance innovative dietary strategies, and propose an experimental framework that integrates the microbiome into nutrition research. The congruence of key paradigms in the nutrition and microbiome disciplines validates current recommendations in dietary guidelines, and the systematic incorporation of microbiome science into nutrition research has the potential to further improve and innovate healthy eating.”

You can read the full paper from here.

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