The Medicalization of Childhood Behaviors Does More Harm than Good

This article by Samantha Lilly has been published by Mad in America. It begins:

“In a new article for a leading Brazilian sociology journal, Fernando Freitas and Luciana  Jaramillo Caruso de Azevedo argue that psychiatry and psychology are medicalizing the normal parts of childhood and adolescence.

The article, titled “Medicalizando crianças e adolescentes,’ in English ‘Medicalizing children and adolescents,’ posits that the medicalization of childhood, the pathologization of typical and expected behaviors and moods in young people, is unscientific and discourages neurodivergence and uniqueness.

‘The plurality of explanations about children’s behavior was undermined. Biology (and its operators) has become the primordial device of contemporary psychopathology, basing currents of thought that claim to be atheoretical because they are grounded in naturalistic ethics,’ the authors write. These currents reduce subjectivity to cognition and have a menu of therapies and protocols aimed at treating every nuance of the categories described in psychiatric manuals. …”

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