Abuse is main driver of mental ill health in women and girls, say psychiatrists

This article by Denis Campbell has been published in The Guardian. It begins:

“Abuse and violence suffered by women and girls is the main reason they are much more likely than men and boys to develop mental ill health, Britain’s psychiatrists say.

Experiencing such behaviour can trigger very serious mental health problems in women and girls, including suicidal thoughts and psychosis, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Difficult relationships, especially those involving coercive behaviour, and dealing with home and family pressures, are also major drivers of poor mental health in women, it added.

A survey by the college found that psychiatrists across the UK believe that violence and abuse is a major cause of mental ill health among women and girls based on their experience of treating patients. When participants were asked to name the top three issues contributing to poor female mental health, almost six out of 10 (59%) identified violence and abuse – more than cited money worries, loneliness, hormonal health or work or exam pressures …”

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