Food. The future Medicine 2017

Food. The future Medicine 2017


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Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0LZ

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Food is the most important means of preventing disease and can be an important adjunct to medicine, when we are ill.  Yet medicine and too often, those who produce and sell food have turned a blind eye to its role in health and disease.

This year’s second College of Medicine conference on food and health builds on last year’s conference “Food. The forgotten Medicine”.  We will be reviewing new developments on “the perfect diet” and how much it can be personalised and new research on the human biome and what it tells us about food that we should eat.  The conference will look at the influence of the microbiome in mental health and disease and how we need to change our nutritional ways to maximise the health of our growing children.

The conference will look at hot topics such as whether we should eat no meat, some meat or just different meat.  What is the role of intermittent fasting?  When should we eat our food raw and is bread healthy or should it be eliminated from our diet altogether?

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