Richard Oldfield

New Vision for Mental Health: An Ecological Paradigm

We have created a slide-show called New Vision for Mental Health: An Ecological Paradigm. This formed part of our keynote presentation (December 2018) at a conference in London of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare. You can view the slides (without the accompanying notes) from…
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New Vision Project Receives Award

We are delighted to announce that the New Vision for Mental Health (NVMH) project has received a prestigious award: the 2018 Presidential Medal for Excellence in Person-Centred Healthcare. The award was made by the President of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare (ESPCH) – Sir Jonathan…
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Bad Education

Half of mental illness in adult life starts before the age of 15 … and three-quarters by age 18. [i] Meanwhile, the children and young people of today face heightened pressures and stresses … witness a big uptick in the numbers…
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Opinion: rebadging the system

The ‘mental healthcare’ system should be re-designated (and re-labelled) as primarily a system for emotional and psychological healthcare.   This is because the ‘mental’ designation is: Misleading … emotions form the core experiences (sadness, rage, fear, anxiety, despair, guilt etc.) of most…
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