International Forum for Wellbeing: Beyond GDP What Comes Next?

Florence Scialom, writing on the Network of Wellbeing’s website:

“We need to move from a society that allows too much for too few, towards a society of wellbeing for all.”

“The International Forum for Wellbeing in Grenoble, France, in June 2018, brought together hundreds of researchers, activists, policy makers and citizens. The Forum aimed to provide a space to question the dominant narrative of economic growth at all costs, and to share ideas, inspiration and practical tools to help different people and groups work together towards a new type of future.

‘We are all aware that GDP [Gross Domestic Product] does not measure what is most useful and yet it remains at the heart of policy decisions.’” In these opening remarks, the Forum organisers emphasised the need to move beyond GDP to create wider societal wellbeing. Many problems with GDP were highlighted, including its inability to measure rampant inequality and environmental damage.

Creating a new model and measurement for progress was introduced as a ‘subject at the very heart of our future.’ At the Forum there was a general consensus around the problems with GDP alongside a wide diversity in the many proposed solutions. This diversity was presented and explored as an opportunity for learning and collaboration …”

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