We are in the midst of a mental health crisis – advice about jogging and self-care is not enough

In an opinion piece for The Guardian newspaper, journalist Suzanne Moore writes:

“Physical exercise can help, but we need to understand what it is about the way we live that makes so many of us ill”

“Is there a problem in this sad old world that can’t be solved by physical jerks? I find myself muttering this, because wherever I go someone is coming up behind me, breathing heavily: a runner.

Some of my best friends are joggers – pushing themselves up hills, finishing marathons – it keeps depression and mood swings at bay and it’s free. It’s a good thing, but I cannot be alone in finding underwhelming the advice about looking after one’s mental health as if it is physical health.

For example, there is the Every Mind Matters campaign, an initiative from the NHS with a well-intentioned film featuring Prince Harry and Glenn Close. It has a ‘mind plan’, which gives you ‘top tips and advice’. I filled in the questionnaire and it told me to get off the bus a stop early, run up stairs, relax more and all that. Yes, lovely. As we go into winter, some people can barely get out of bed. Some of us feel lonely, hopeless and absolutely unmotivated. We should all talk more about our feelings – I get that – but something is askew here or at least being glossed over …”

You can read more here.

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