Visiting the medication free psychiatric ward in Tromsö

“… the aircraft flew into Tromsö last Sunday and from the window I could see the spectacular view of the mountain and the sea as always is there. The purpose for my visit was to meet with staff and those here called patients at the newly opened medication free ward, which has been established thanks to many people´s visions and efforts led by Magnus Hald who is in charge of the clinic.

We are many who have followed the plans to create a medication free ward within the mental health care system in the North of Norway and I was excited and happy to be on my way, and also to meet with Robert Whitaker who would be there to examine how does the ideas and practice look like. Thanks to his relentless searching for facts and evidence regarding psycho pharmaceuticals many people have come to question the existing paradigm which is very focused on medication.

From the very first moment as entering the ward I felt a welcoming atmosphere, an openness and a respectful warmth …”

Read more of this blog post by Carina Håkansson here – part of the website of The Extended Therapy Room Foundation.

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  1. Sandra Helena

    Boa tarde,sou brasileira,psicóloga e trabalho em um centro de atendimento para doentes mentais,Parabenizo, pela iniciativa de tratar a dor humana,com escuta.Gostaria de ter a oportunidade de conhecer o hospital psiquátrico de Asgard.Obrigada pela atenção.

    1. Editorial (Post author)

      Olá Sandra

      Nós não administramos o hospital em questão – apenas publicamos uma notícia sobre ele. A pessoa que o administra é Magnus Hald… email:


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