The Personal Is Political: Stories of Difference and Psychotherapy

The publishers say:

This book [coming out in January 2018, written by Prof. Martin Milton] explores how therapists and counsellors can address the key issues of ‘difference’ in working with their clients. No matter how much the therapist knows, how knowledgeable they are or how expert they are, they all face the same dilemma – their clients are always unique, ever-changing, subjective beings. Through a series of case stories the author illustrates to develop context sensitive practice by offering insights into specific issues, client populations and therapeutic contexts. This book will appeal to students, newly qualified counsellors and more experienced professionals looking to develop their practice.”

Table of Content:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction: Politics and the Consulting Room
  • Chapter 2 Difference in the Consulting Room: Theoretical and Professional Perspectives.
  • Chapter 3: Race, Taye: Racial difference and questions of belonging
  • Chapter 4 Gender ‘Go on, be a good girl’: Amanda and the oppression of gender
  • Chapter 5 Sexuality ‘Can I ask if you are gay?’ Kenny, toxic masculinity and homophobia.
  • Chapter 6: Faith, Neither mad, bad nor ill: Ravi, mental health and religious identity.
  • Chapter 7: Non-binary gender, Beyond the binary: Sam and gender.
  • Chapter 8: Disability, Politics of the unseen: Rhonda and hidden disability.
  • Chapter 9: Othering and the environment, Monique: The guilt of living while the planet dies.
  • Chapter 10: Big ‘P’ Politics, The Political is Personal: Jacinta and Brexit.
  • Chapter 11: Epilogue.

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