Autism: the restaurant steak that roared

In this 3 minute video (May 12th 2016) from The Guardian website, Laura James – a successful writer, journalist and mother, and also autistic – describes a night out at a restaurant with her husband that should have been a lovely evening for them both. But Laura needs a restaurant to follow a few simple rules. A Tex-Mex circus with hundreds of menu options and unhelpful waiters sent her reeling:


This video connects to a theme that the New Vision for Mental Health website will be exploring further in the coming months, namely that there is far more neurodiversity and uniqueness among humankind than we (society) generally realise or want to accept … and therefore that one of the main problems faced by many neurodiverse people is not being able to fit comfortably within the narrow, mainstream range of social, cultural and environmental structures and spaces that in most instance are the only options currently available to them.

Find out more here about the National Autism Society’s “Too Much Information” campaign.

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