Mad or Bad?: A Critical Approach to Counselling and Forensic Psychology

The publishers describe this book (edited by Andreas Vossler, Catriona Havard, Graham Pike, Meg-John Barker and Bianca Raabe) as:

“A cutting-edge text that provides a comprehensive introduction to mental health problems and criminal behaviour, this book explores the link between mental health and criminality and considers the most common and effective therapeutic approaches for working with offenders and victims of crime.”

  • Part 1 explores the predominant tensions between forensic and therapeutic agendas;
  • Part 2 considers how criminal and ‘insane’ identities and careers may be considered gendered, classed, culturally and age-dependent experiences, and be related to power and oppression;
  • Part 3 examines issues around sex and sexuality in forensic and therapeutic settings;
  • Part 4 introduces a range of therapeutic approaches for working with offenders and victims of crime;
  • Part 5 covers forensic and therapeutic practices, including programmes for the prevention of both mental health issues and offending.

Find out more from the Sage Publications website here

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