Schizophrenia Genetic Research is Running on Empty

Featuring a Mad In America radio interview (35 minutes) with Dr. Jay Joseph, a clinical psychologist and author who brings a critical perspective to claims in the media and the academic literature that disordered genes underlie psychiatric disorders.

His most recent books are The Trouble with Twin Studies: A Reassessment of Twin Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and the 2017 e-book Schizophrenia and Genetics: The End of an Illusion.

The interview discusses the evidence that psychiatry puts forward in support of the claim that mental disorders have an important genetic basis and the reasons why psychiatry is still searching after many decades of failed attempts.

It includes looking at how the evidence for genetic factors underlying major psychiatric disorders is very weak (and based mainly on twin and adoption studies) and how despite decades of work, there have been few if any discoveries of disordered genes that cause the major psychiatric disorders.

You can read more – and listen to the interview (podcast) – here

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