The medical model and prescribed drugs

As relevant to the medical model of mental healthcare and the issue of prescribed drugs …

Three articles in the Daily Telegraph (June 30th and July 2nd 2016) have reported on how:

1) “More than one in three members of the government panel overseeing the NHS’s procurement of medicines across Britain has been carrying out paid work for drugs companies … Ten senior officials in the Department of Health’s Pharmaceutical Market Support Group are acting as consultants to pharmaceutical firms alongside their role on the panel …” Read more here.


2) “Doctors involved in assessing which drugs should be prescribed to NHS patients are receiving up to £100,000 per year from pharmaceutical companies.

A new database reveals that individual medics are receiving tens of thousands of pounds in consultancy fees from the pharmaceutical industry while recommending products to patients.

At the same time NHS officials involved in assessing which drugs should be prescribed to patients have been earning up to £20,000 from firms simultaneously marketing their products to the health service.

However, tens of millions of pounds worth of payments to doctors and officials were not individually declared because the recipients refused to be named …” Read more here.


3) “Drugs firms should stop paying doctors and health service officials who refuse to be named in a new transparency register, the NHS has warned. In an unusual intervention the health service insisted that ‘voluntary disclosure does not go far enough’, after more than half of the £111m paid out for advisory work, travel and conferences was not individually declared in a database published yesterday by the pharmaceutical industry …” Read more here.

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