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Why women are being given boxing gloves and ballet shoes instead of antidepressants

Subtitled “With one in five people taking pills for their mental health, doctors are turning to alternative methods – with help from Sport England”, this report from Miranda has been published in the Daily Telegraph. It begins: “It’s long been known…
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Children are wrongly diagnosed with ADHD if they fall behind at school, warns neurologist

This report by Anita Singh has been published in the Daily Telegraph. It begins: “Children are being  wrongly diagnosed  with ADHD when they are just falling behind, according to a leading neurologist, who said the medical profession was too quick to label people….
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Antidepressants might be largely ineffective, study suggests

The Daily Telegraph reports : “Antidepressants should be prescribed less routinely by doctors, scientists have said, after a study concluded there was no strong evidence that the drugs were effective. New research has indicated the side effects many patients suffer from…
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Kanye proves mental health is messier than just talking about your feelings

“Mental illness is not an excuse for bad behaviour. But we need to acknowledge that it is very often the cause of it.” Writing in the Daily Telegraph , Bryony Gordon says: “A few years ago, when I had first plucked up the courage to…
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Duchess of Cambridge to launch landmark survey on early childhood

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Duchess of Cambridge will (on January 22nd 2020): “… launch a landmark survey on early childhood which she hopes will trigger ‘lasting change for generations to come’. Expressing hopes the poll would ‘spark the biggest ever conversation…
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Horticultural therapy: ‘Gardening makes us feel renewed inside’

Why does coaxing seeds into growth or a fierce pruning session refresh the spirits so? In this article in The Daily Telegraph , Sue Stuart-Smith, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, examines the value of gardening as therapy: “Most gardeners would prefer to be busy in the garden,…
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