The Happy Pill

The makers of this documentary film say:

“What I really needed was just someone telling me it wasn’t my fault.”

“Silje Marie Strandberg was seriously mentally ill. She had a heavy schizoaffective and dissociative disorder diagnose. She heard voices, hallucinated, cut herself, had an eating disorder and repeatedly tried to kill herself. She was so sick that no one thought she could ever recover.

But after 10 years in mental wards, 10 years of compulsion, isolation, electrolysis and heavy medication, she finally recovered and is now completely healthy. The difference was her psychiatric nurse, Lone. Lone went further in terms of proximity and self-interest. It’s almost like a miracle.

This story is unique. A story of hope. But it’s also the story of a young girl with little self-confidence that lost 10 years of her life. Where did it go wrong? Did she have to go through 10 years of torture in mental wards?

These are the answers Silje Marie is looking for in this documentary …”

You can watch the 38 minute film here.

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