Psychiatric Drugs

This Teen Was Prescribed 10 Psychiatric Drugs. She’s Not Alone

“Increasingly, anxious and depressed teens are using multiple, powerful psychiatric drugs, many of them untested in adolescents or for use in tandem.” This article by Matt Richtel has been published in the New York Times. It begins: “One morning in the…
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How Drugmakers Influence Our Beliefs About Mental Illness

This article by Markham Heid has been published on the Medium website. It begins: “Nothing burns itself into memory quite like public humiliation. Even now, 20 years later, I can vividly recall the embarrassment I felt the day I tried —…
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What Is the Importance of Nassir Ghaemi’s Conclusion that Psychiatric Drugs Do Not Provide a Long-term Benefit?

“… [Nassir] Ghaemi, a professor of psychiatry at Tufts Medical School, concluded that psychiatric drugs, except for lithium, do not provide a long-term benefit and thus should mostly be prescribed for short-term relief of symptoms.“ This article by Robert Whitaker has…
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Abilify commercial: when do possible side-effects greatly outweigh supposed benefits?

Check out this 90-second advert for an atypical antipsychotic (aripiprazole), touted here under the brand name Abilify as an “add-on” to antidepressant medication. Then ask the obvious question – the same one that applies to a great many prescribed psychiatric…
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Psychiatric Drugs may Reduce Social and Emotional Capacities

This article by Jenny Logan has been published on the Mad in America website. It begins: “While deficits in social cognition are often associated with and used to diagnose psychiatric disorders, new research suggests that the medications used to treat psychiatric…
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Psychiatric Medications Kill More Americans than Heroin

“”In 2014, 10,574 people died of heroin overdose while 15,778 died from an overdose of psychiatric medications, nearly 50% more.” This article by Kenneth Anderson has been published on the American Addiction Centers website. It begins: “In 2014, 10,574 people died…
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Are Children and Adolescents Overprescribed Psychiatric Medications?

“The psychiatric drugging of our children: A developing international crisis.” This article by Dr. John Read has been published in Psychology Today. It begins: “On August 13th [2021] several hundred people registered to take part in an online “town hall meeting,”…
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