‘The water literally washes the anxiety away’

“… ‘the idea that water is medicine will be quite mainstream’ within 10 years.” 

reports for the BBC:

“Many of us associate the sea with feeling happy, relaxed and switching off from life’s stress.

But there’s growing belief that being near, on, in, or under water has a far more powerful impact on our mental, and physical health than we might realise.

The “Blue Mind” ethos, which is the subject of growing European research, is being championed by Californian biologist and researcher Wallace J Nichols, who tells us he believes ‘the idea that water is medicine will be quite mainstream’ within 10 years.

Here we meet some of the people who are already using the power of water to improve their mental health.

‘The sea saved me’

‘Growing up wasn’t very easy,’ Jessica Cox explains as she looks out across the rugged cliffs of Land’s End.

The 32-year-old from west Cornwall has faced dark times, including bereavement, mental health and alcohol issues in her family, and being bullied.

Anxiety and depression have been a challenge throughout her life but things started to spiral out of control when she started secondary school, she explains.

‘I slipped into the wrong crowd and got into drinking and drugs from a young age – about 11,’ Ms Cox says.

The mother of one says her life took a sharp change in direction when she discovered the ‘escape’ of surfing …”

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