The hidden epidemic of sexual dysfunction which experts blame on SSRI antidepressants

Jo Macfarlane reports for the Mail on Sunday: SSRI antidepressants could cause ‘life-changing’ sexual problems experts say1 in 8 people were prescribed antidepressants in the past year according to statsBut they can cause serious side effects like libido drop and numb groin…
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New study determines psychedelic mushroom microdoses can improve mood, mental health

As reported on the MedicalXpress website, research from the University of British Columbia is … “The latest study to examine how tiny amounts of psychedelics can impact mental health provides further evidence of the therapeutic potential of microdosing. Published in Scientific Reports this…
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Fishing cures PTSD and anxiety, first ever clinical study aims to prove

This report by Danielle Sheridan has been published in The Telegraph. It begins: “ Fishing  has long been lauded as a relaxing pastime which can put one’s mind at ease. While it has been claimed anecdotally that fishing can help with post-traumatic…
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How Drugmakers Influence Our Beliefs About Mental Illness

This article by Markham Heid has been published on the Medium website. It begins: “Nothing burns itself into memory quite like public humiliation. Even now, 20 years later, I can vividly recall the embarrassment I felt the day I tried —…
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A Holistic Self‑learning Approach for Young Adult Depression and Anxiety Compared to Medication‑Based Treatment‑As‑Usual

This study – conducted by Shannon Hughes, Mary Rondeau, Scott Shannon, Julia Sharp, Grace Ivins, JeongJin Lee, Ian Taylor, and Brianna Bendixsen – has been published in the Community Mental Health Journal. The abstract says: “A package of biopsychosocial services for…
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Creating A Mental Illness Called Schizophrenia

Subtitled “A brief history of an archetypal psychiatric diagnosis”, this article by Dr. John Read has been published in Psychology Today. It begins: “During the pandemic, increased incidences of distress can be portrayed as proliferations of mental illnesses such as ‘Depressive…
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The student studying the healing power of surfing

Morag Kinniburgh reports for BBC News Scotland: “Jamie Marshall says his PhD from Edinburgh’s Napier University is the first in the world focused on ‘surf therapy’. He has spent the past four years studying what he says are the healing powers…
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