Psychiatry Under the Influence: Institutional Corruption, Social Injury, and Prescriptions for Reform

Psychiatry Under the Influence has been written by Robert Whitaker and Lisa Cosgrove. The publishers say that this book “investigates how the influence of pharmaceutical money and guild interests has corrupted the behavior of the American Psychiatric Association and academic psychiatry during the past 35 years.”

The book has eleven chapters:

  • A Case Study of Institutional Corruption
  • Psychiatry Adopts a Disease Model
  • Economies of Influence
  • The Etiology of Mental Illness Is Now Known
  • Psychiatry’s New Drugs
  • Expanding the Market
  • Protecting the Market
  • The End Product: Clinical Practice Guidelines
  • A Society Harmed
  • Putting Psychiatry on the Couch
  • Prescriptions for Reform

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