The Foundations of Primary Care: Daring to Be Different

Joachim Sturmberg and James Dearman are the authors of this book, a book that is relevant to both mental and biophysical healthcare.

The publishers say:

“…This ground-breaking book encourages a re-focus on the subjective and social nature of health and illness. It helps healthcare professionals find fresh perspectives to assist patients, many of whom are threatened by and lost in a healthcare system dominated by diseases and procedures. The book takes a whole systems approach to primary care, incorporating new developments, social aspects, critical discourse, international perspectives, and the history and philosophy of medicine …

‘… With great erudition and strong arguments, Sturmberg lays out a plan which leads to a goal to which we all aspire – a health care system based on primary care and primary health care which expresses the historic values of medicine and adapts itself to the complexity of modern medicine. A must read for anyone who has the interests of primary care at heart.’ – Ian R McWhinney, in the Foreword …”

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