Norse clinical feedback tool for mental health

The producers of Norse Feedback say that it is:

“… a clinical tool designed to measure and monitor clinical outcomes, promote good clinical conversations with clients, and to help therapists and healthcare institutions to improve treatment quality.

Norse Feedback is … built for digital platforms, not paper. Through cloud-based technology, the system is available on all digital platforms, and is designed to leverage existing technology, such as electronic medical records …

Norse feedback adapts to every client. This is possible using advanced algorithms that identify which clinical areas and issues are the most relevant for the client. For example, we do not want to ask a series of questions about alcohol consumption to a client that does not drink. Norse feedback focuses on areas that are relevant to the individual and at the same time includes control questions over a wider range of symptoms and resources. Continuing from the example above, if the client reports a change in their drinking habits, the system will automatically register this and provide more drinking-related questions.”

You can find out more and watch a 2 minute video here.

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