Critical Curriculum on Psychotropic Medications

This is a free online course (U.S-orientated) for counsellors, psychologists, social workers, and other mental health practitioners. Anyone may freely view or download the course materials or take the course.

It’s provided by CriticalThinkRx (an educational project at Florida International University), who say that they:

  • “Offer a prescription for critical thinking about psychotropic medications and a more balanced evaluation of the ‘prescription situation’ based on ethical codes of practice of medical and non-medical helping professions.
  • Aim to sharpen critical skills of mental health and child welfare professionals assessing and practicing with children and adolescents who may be medicated with psychiatric drugs.
  • Try to close gaps between research and practice to maximise opportunities to help clients and avoid harm.
  • Emphasise the ethical dictate: ‘First, do no harm’ and recommend:
    o Use of psychotropic medications that have been reported to have serious adverse effects in children – including death – should be halted as first-line interventions until research demonstrates that both short- and long-term benefits outweigh the already known risks.
    o Psychosocial interventions for children’s behavioural problems that have been empirically-validated and should be implemented as first-line interventions.”

You can find out more about this online course here, including taking a look at the course modules.

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