Person-Centred Practice at the Difficult Edge

This book has been edited by Peter Pearce and Lisbeth Sommerbeck. The publishers say:

“This book presents accounts of the practice of the person-centred approach (PCA) with people suffering from a range of severe and enduring conditions.

Comprehensively refuting the notion that person-centred therapy is suitable only for the ‘worried well’, it backs up contemporary practice with appropriate theory. For students, academic and professional audiences.

Contributions include:

  • Person-centred therapy with post-traumatic stress (Stephen Joseph and David Murphy);
  • Tenuous contact – Person-centred therapy with adolescent process (Peter Pearce and Ros Sewell);
  • Pre-Therapy with psychotic clients (Dion van Werde);
  • Refutation of myths of inappropriateness of person-centered therapy at the difficult edge (Lisbeth Sommerbeck);
  • Difficult processes (Margaret Warner)
  • Several other chapters from leading theorists and practitioners.”

You can find out more from here.

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