Imperial launches world’s first Centre for Psychedelics Research

“‘Psychedelic therapy holds a great deal of promise for treating some very serious mental health conditions and may one day offer new hope to vulnerable people with limited treatment options’ Dr Robin Carhart-Harris”

Ryan O’Hare writes (April 23rd, 2019):

“The first formal centre for psychedelic research in the world will launch at Imperial College London today.

Funded by more than £3 million from five founding donors, the new Imperial Centre for Psychedelic Research will build on over a decade of pioneering work in this area carried out at Imperial, including a clinical trial that has kick-started global efforts to develop psilocybin therapy into a licensed treatment for depression. It will also investigate their potential for treating other conditions, including anorexia.

Led by Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, the Centre will focus on two main research themes: the use of psychedelics in mental health care; and as tools to probe the brain’s basis of consciousness …”

You can read more from here.

And here you can watch a short video about the new Centre.

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